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President & CEO Nohara Kazuo Mission

In order to realize our mission, we at Nohara holdings provide our customers with high value added services through our sales of all construction-related materials at the national level, execution of a wide range of construction works, and development of business in related areas.
At the same time, environmental problems are becoming increasingly evident and serious on a global scale. We grapple head-on with themes such as energy conservation, safety, "the environment" and "peace of mind" in order to adapt to a recycling-based society, and we guide our operations from a global perspective.


We see changes in social trends such as slowing economic growth, low birthrates, and an aging population as opportunities for market growth in areas such as renovation and remodeling to existing properties. We have therefore reformulated our managerial vision, which now features the following slogan: "To be a company that actively proposes ways to boost the value of customer assets." We advance a basic managerial policy that sets forth the intent to develop business under this vision, and to maximize our corporate value while meeting compliance requirements and caring for the environment.

Business Strategy

While housing starts are expected to decline in Japan in the medium to long term, as homes age, the increasing number as well as unit costs of home renovations and building renewals is expected to result in market growth. In addition, demand for housing quality, environment and usability is rising year after year, and we believe end users are increasingly ready more than ever before to accept offers involving higher value.

At Nohara, we see these changing trends as a business opportunity and are taking bold steps accordingly. We aim to establish our unique corporate value by offering complete deals that integrate knowledge of construction merchandise, purchasing power, and construction know-how that we have developed over the years. We intend to achieve internal growth by using our resources in areas we excel in, such as renovations and renewals of office buildings, hotels, commercial facilities and housing complexes, and in terms of other businesses, we intend to actively engage in operations such as mergers and acquisitions, business alliances and capital tie-ups that lead to Nohara's overall improvement.

Organizational and Personnel Strategy

We believe that our greatest resources are our human resources. We therefore establish a personnel system and an organizational structure that enable each member to fully utilize his/her skills. While aiming to create a company that places a high value on speed and the willingness to take on new challenges and that the members consider rewarding and exciting to work at, we will reform the corporate culture into one that values diversity of nationality, gender and age.
As a key managerial goal, we are aiming to increase the amount of ordinary income produced per staff member. By improving our business efficiency by focusing on the amount of added value created by individual members, we hope to meet the expectations of various stakeholders such as shareholders, customers and employees.

Representative Director ,President