O&M for PV Generation

O&M(Operation & Maintenance)
for PV Generation
We provide appropriate O&M


In addition to selecting good materials and installing them, it is essential for industrial photovoltaic(PV) power generation to do appropriate operation and maintenance(O&M) after the generation starts.
Appropriate O&M prevents decline of generation, malfunction and accident.
Excellent management is required to keep safety and security and to earn larger benefit under the limited cost for each generation facility.

MENU provided by NOHARA

Our O&M will realize the best mix of advanced technologies. As a third party, we can provide high performance of matching cost and quality which responds to requests of customers.

1.Diagnosis & Planning

We plan O&M after free diagnosis which investigates the generation facility through drawings or visiting the site.

[Drone(Multicopter)+Camera]    [Drone(Multicopter)+Thermo-camera]

2.Remote Monitoring

We remotely monitor the generation facility to find the accidents and repot the result.

3.Periodic Inspection  

We repeatedly visit and inspect the generation facility, such as PV panel, power conditioner, structure, wiring, land and others.


4.Emergency Response

We rush to the generation site to solve problems in the emergency cases, such as happening found by remote monitoring or natural disaster.


5.Repair & Exchange

We repair malfunction and regularly exchange old parts when needed.


We mow weeds and wash the PV panel.



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